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2-Part series with WFMZ and FIA NOW Employment Solutions

FIA NOW Co-Founder & CEO William Brown sits down with Nancy Werteen at WFMZ-TV studios to discuss DEI in the workplace.

 The future of business rests on building and maintaining a diverse workforce. At FIA NOW, we are 100% committed to helping you create a diverse and inclusive workplace. If you’re ready to increase your understanding of DEI, develop successful strategies, and increase the diversity of your candidate pool, FIA NOW can help.

C-Level Training

Engagement with Diversity

Financial Impacts & Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Inclusive Communication (Impact, Terminology)

Skills for Authentic Leadership

HR/Hiring Training

Best Hiring Practices

Diverse Staffing & Retention Stategies

Impact on Retention

Inclusive Rules and Guidelines for Hiring

Our Commitment To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leadership at all levels of an organization continue to build an interest and a commitment to inclusion in their work environment.  Our professional development offerings are intentionally designed to provide a structure of consistent, ongoing work that transforms the organization into a DEI culture that is sustainable and action oriented.  Our slate of offerings assists in the value-add of incorporating DEI as a core value of your organization.


As the organization moves through the journey of inclusion, both challenges and opportunities may arise that will create a need for reflection and responsiveness.  Our efforts work to build in such opportunities for discussion and processing from a variety of learning styles and experiences.

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What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonial: MarComm Industry

I can’t say enough good things about FIA. They are always here for me and my company. If we don’t have spots to fill, we still meet and I give them a strategic download of the temperature of our business so they can begin to plan. I consider them a team member . . . and a friend. As far as talent served up, I have had a lot of success. We have been in business for almost 25 years and have staffing agreements with everyone you can imagine. FIA is the first, and often (the) only one I call. You will be in good hands.


Doug (Award Winning Agency)


Client Testimonial: Digital Agency

FIA has been an invaluable resource to our growing team. They’ve helped us hire across multiple disciplines and years of experience, supported and coached us through different job markets, and never lost sight of the importance of finding a culture fit.

Emily (Digital Agency)


Client Testimonial: Manufacturing

(The)... team at FIA are true partners, taking the time to really learn about our organization and our needs. If we have a staffing need – whether direct hire or temporary role – FIA dives deep to ensure they are delivering candidates that are aligned with our organizational culture.

Rachel HR Leader


Create & Implement An Effective DE&I Strategy with FIA NOW.

The future of business rests on building and maintaining a diverse workforce. Diversity strategy, implementation and retention programs builds a quality workforce that meets legal requirements and maximizes your bottom line – creating a positive impact on both business and the community. With ever-changing demographics requiring businesses to adapt to more broad-minded workforce development & staffing models, it’s never been more important to plan ahead with a DE&I strategy that is deeply effective.


FIA NOW is minority owned, making diversity, equity and inclusion a core component of our mission. With our commitment to respecting and empowering Greater Lehigh Valley businesses, we are committed to helping  you create a diverse and inclusive workplace.


If you are ready to increase your understanding of DE&I, develop successful strategies, and increase the diversity of your candidate pool, FIA NOW can help.


Contact us today to get started.

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