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Introducing our Outplacement Services Division. At FIA NOW Employment Solutions, we redefine outplacement with a human touch, offering personalized and cost-efficient solutions for both employees in transition and the companies facilitating these changes.

Celebrating 11 years in Lehigh Valley, PA.

FIA NOW Employment Solutions is an employment services and solutions company, providing Outplacement Services to clients across all industries. We provide quality services with integrity, and promote diversity within the workforce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you and your employees through career transitions with EMPATHY, EFFICIENCY, and INTEGRITY. 

Our commitment to offering outplacement support services is rooted in the belief that helping people secure employment is not just an individual triumph but a collective investment in the prosperity, well-being, and resilience of our community as a whole.

Our dedication to success is not just a job – it’s our CALLING.


    Our Pillars

    We empower individuals to help them navigate and thrive in their professional journey through our FOUR  fundamental pillars.

    Tailored Transition Tools

    Discover the power of our Plug & Play model

    Provide your employees access to masterclasses, 1:1 coaching and other exclusive content through our customizable menu of outplacement add on services.

    Career Transition Support: Masterclasses

    Equip your departing employees with the essential skills and knowledge needed to make a successful transition.

    We offer comprehensive courses designed to empower individuals and organizations:

    • Resume Writing 101: Learn the power of keywords, crafting professional summaries, and optimizing your resume.
    • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Elevate your professional online presence.
    • Job Search Strategies: Navigate the current job market and understand salary dynamics.
    • Interview Preparation Workshop: Master interview skills and strategies.

    Explore Our Packages

    Tailored for your business needs. Our outplacement services offer a comprehensive approach to support all levels of employees in navigating career transitions with efficiency and premium experience.

    Experience the

    FIA NOW Difference

    We are a team of local in-house, Certified Professional Resume Writers, Career Coaches, and Outplacement Specialists. As a staffing agency, our staff are trained in recruiting, interviewing, and job searching through our recruiting companies and HR partners. We are also dedicated to continuous development and learning across business, careers, and technology through case studies, grade degrees, and beyond – we’re always on top of what’s happening in the job market.

    Outplacement With Empathy

    Experience a homegrown approach to outplacement services. We understand the human side of workforce transitions, offering support that goes beyond transactional hand-offs. Our experience includes:

    • Local Industry knowledge and insight.
    • 100% success rate for Career Coaching.
    • Over 2,500 local Job Seekers Served.
    • An Outplacement team with over 30 years experience.
    • HR Services- Outplacement, Staffing & Strategy, Career Coaching – AND MORE


    Outplacement Benefits For Employees

    Laid-off employees who receive outplacement assistance are re-employed 60% faster!
    (Source: International Outplacement Alliance, 2020)

    Benefits To Employers

    61% of HR professionals say offering outplacement services positively impacts retention.                                        

     (Source: Big Interviews)


    Meet Our Team

    William D. Brown

    William D. Brown


    Emilie Bree Carlino

    Emilie Bree Carlino

    Director of Outplacement Services

    Lindsay Watson

    Lindsay Watson

    Career Coach

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