We are excited to announce Temporary and Temp-Permanent staffing to our list of services. Turn to FIA NYC Employment Services for expertise in Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Accounting and Administrative staffing. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring temporary staff.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers:

Temporary or Contingent workers play an important role in many companies. Over 90% of enterprises indicated non-traditional staffing was a vital to moderate facet of their overall corporate strategy.

Enables your business to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations.
From emergency employee leave to a special project, hiring temporary talent can quickly provide your business with qualified staff.

Maintains staffing flexibility.
If you’re not sure of the duration of your staffing need or if the role will require a full-time employee, you’ll benefit from hiring a temp through FIA NYC. You will maintain the flexibility of having someone working while you need them, without the full-time commitment. Many of our clients have re-hired or offered full-time employee to outstanding temps.

Can evaluate worker without commitment.
When you hire a temporary employee with FIA NYC, you’ll be able to evaluate their work on site. If you decide to employ the temp worker on a full-time basis, we will work with you to make the transition easy.

Can save time and money.
When you hire a temporary worker through FIA NYC, we are their employer. We are responsible for recruiting, payroll expenses, taxes, and insurances. Additionally, we communicate your company’s hiring criteria, feedback or project endings so you don’t have to. We screen all of our candidates to ensure that their skills match your needs.

Are you ready to hire?