Faces International, a staff development, PR and Marketing firm based in Allentown PA have formed a formal partnership with FIA NYC Employment, an award-winning staffing agency to provide comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Employment services across the region. Faces is a Black Owned company that recently committed $100k to encourage financial philanthropy, and is a longtime community driven organization who has recently done DEI work with global and regional powerhouses such as Olympus, East Penn Manufacturing, Air Products, Butz Family of Companies and PPL. FIA NYC Employment, also black-owned, is a 2022 Excellence in Business Award Winner headquartered in Allentown. FIA is a professional services staffing agency, with three divisions: Staffing/Diversity Staffing, DEI Consulting & Career Coaching. They support all industries, and staff for well known brands including PBS, Crayola and Liquid Interactive.

The two have combined to help organizations tackle some of the most pressing issues that hurt DEI within organizations; staff development, staff recruitment and staff retention.

Tyrone Russell, CEO of Faces said “When we are working with these companies to create a more inclusive environment where people of all walks of life feel they belong, we constantly hear about the struggles from leadership about their struggle with attracting and retaining talent from different backgrounds. FIA is a monster in recruitment and this partnership allow us to really assist our clients from A-Z”

William Brown, CEO/Co-Founder and Director of DEI commented “This is what it’s about, leveraging relationships to better support our community. From our first meeting with the Faces team, there was a strong synergy between us. Faces’ approach to DEI and dedication to excellence works perfectly with our commitment to supporting our clients’ goals for placement and retention of employees in any organization. The combination just makes sense”.

The two companies are entering year ten in existence and have continued to provide service while challenging clients to create systems and relationships that drive them to the 22nd century.

To learn more, please contact Diversity@fianyc.com